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Stop Flying Blind !
See your home or business from anywhere...
Free DDNS +
Android & IPhone (IPad) Apps Included!
High Speed Internet Connections Required; Available Through Your Local Provider.

Instantly know what has happened
since you drove away from your business
or your home

Our systems use the latest in internet monitoring technology and work directly through your new stand alone DVR, PC Based DVR Card, or IP Cameras CMS,
professionally installed by
All Local and Remote Network Programming Included With Installation.
Broadband Internet Connection Required.

Cable or Wireless
Analog & IP

High-Res Security Camera Options

Using Your Existing Cameras, We Can Upgrade Your Old Video Surveillance System to Newer DVR, Network Server / IP,
or PC Based Monitoring Technology!

Retail, Restaurant, Bar, and More!
Point of Sale Solutions
For Your Business.


Our Services have changed as of Jan 1, 2016.

  • We no longer offer Residiential electrical contracting services.

    We do offer Commercial and Industrial electrical contracting services and sub-contracted services to residential builders.

  • We no longer install or support DIY department store purchased products. Please do not call us to help you install any equipment that you did not purchase from us. If you want a durable system installation that includes our excellent support, then please consider our quoted equipment options that we have found to be of good quality and reliability.

    Any Technology solution is only as good as the support that stands behind it. If you buy local then you have local service techicians and support to call upon.

  • We do not offer 'cheaper' alternatives that compromise the reliability of our work. It only creates future problems for both us and you, our client. The products we offer are of good quality from manufacturers with good reputations. We only stake our reputation on installs as such.

  •  Our quoted install and equipment prices are always fair and economical from the start. We do not stack our quotes to be bargained down. If you want a bargain job, we are not the ones to call. We offer high end, top quality work and equipment that we cannot compromise for low pricing. We are not a bargain, low price option.

    A job worth doing is a job worth doing well...and worth the price!

  • We strive, this year as always, to form long term business relationships with our clients. We have many who have been with us since we formed in 1996. References are available upon request. We stand behind our work and products with manufacturer warranties and our own 1 year installers warranty. After that, we are there for you with support, for your installation when ever you call upon us. And, we call you to schedule regular maintenance intervals if needed.

    TECHNICAL CONTRACTING SERVICES For Home, Business, and Industry  
    | Mobile - 570-352-8543  | Email:
    j.e.longo.3@gmail.com |

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